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starOur expertise in Africa

CentrafMark is established in the Democratic Republic of Congo, at the heart of Africa. This central geographic position is strategic as it allows us to rapidly act all over the continent. Through the years, we have developed an efficient network in the area of Central Africa and the Great Lakes, namely the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Burundi.

CentrafMark offers you its expertise in many fields. For more information, please consult the list of our services.

3Many achievements

CentrafMark exists since 8 years, during which our practice has developed a unique expertise really appreciated by our clients. Many customers from all over the world have benefited from our unrivalled experience. Numerous projects would not have taken place without these competences.

Centrafmark has incorporated the Bofata & Associates practice, previously known as Amiels & Partners.

1Effective fight against counterfeit

Unfortunately is counterfeit very present in Africa. It reaches today all sectors of activities (agribusiness, pharmaceutical, textile, new technologies, etc.). Centrafmark fights effectively against these practices. Our firm not only helps its clients to protect their rights but, above all, we accompany you in building strategies to face the plague of counterfeit.

We can also advice and assist you in building an efficient strategy against piracy, in collaboration with Customs and local authorities of the countries in which we are active, namely the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Burundi.

3Start up a company in DR Congo ?

CentrafMark can assist you in the elaboration of your business plan and in the process of establishing your future company, thanks to the relations that we maintain with authorities, administrations and the business community.

3Brief overview

The law Nr 82-001 of January 7, 1982 and Ordinance-law Nr 89-173 of August 7, 1979 organize, at the date of today, the Industrial Property in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Furthermore, it is appropriate to point out that, since January 1975, the Democratic Republic of Congo is signatory member of the Paris Convention in Industrial and Intellectual Property matters.

In light of what is said above, it should be noted that the registration of trademarks respects the international classification of goods and services. Thus, a trademark application that has more than three classes is subject to payment of additional charges after the third class.

According to the law, every request for application is introduced at registrant’s risk.

Once a trademark application is filed, an official filing receipt is issued carrying a provisional filing number and the date and time of filing.

This document is issued within 5 months, from the date of filing. Thereafter, a definitive filing number is delivered at the hand of the certificate of application’s filing. The time needed for the delivery of that document may vary between 6 months and 2 years.